Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bluebird Blitz!

I was the fortunate recipient of a visit from three male Eastern Bluebirds last Tuesday (February 28). While they have passed through my yard in prior years, I usually only caught a glimpse of them as they hi-tailed it for parts unknown. This time, they stayed for hours!

I felt so lucky to have these little guys hang out and keep me company! It seems quite early for them to be here, but as I've never had them before, I'm not sure. Anyone out there know?

This guy decided to take a break from insect hunting and get a drink from our pond.

It was defintiely a red-letter day in the old birding journal! There were many other birds around as well, perhaps in anticipation of the snow storm we got on Thursday. I counted 2 tufted titmice, multitudes of chickadees, 1 white breasted nuthatch, 25 crows on the neighbors lawn, 9 goldfinches, 2 purplefinches and 2 woodpeckers, one downy and one red-bellied. Quite a day!

Strangely, since the snow, I haven't seen one single bird at the feeders. Probably still sleeping off their pre-storm glut, the hogs!


NHGarden said...

Beautiful Bluebird! After the snow here we had birds all over the place :)

Sharie said...

It's weird, Chris - they've all disappeared! I haven't seen anything, even a chickadee, since the snow. I guess they all went to your place!

Mario said...

Cool photos. Zone6a here (Indianapolis), I have just started to notice significant chatter in the mornings over the past couple of weeks.

Sharie said...

Thanks, Mario. A few finally showed up again today, though not the bluebirds. We're going to put up a house made for BBs and see if they come back.

David Truland said...

How about some updates? ..... how does your garden grow?