Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lazy Sunday

So here I sit, staring out at the garden, a million things to do and no ambition to do any of it. With the rain yesterday, the weeds would pop out like magic, but I’m content to leave them for the moment. I can see half a dozen plants that need to be moved and this overcast, damp day would be perfect to do it and I just can't bring myself to care.
We’ve all had days like this, where our brain decides to stop and have a “me day”. Unfortunately, it usually chooses a day when you really have things to do! Sunday is laundry and bill paying day, garbage and cat box cleaning day. I still have to write my Tenacious Tip for Tuesday! I don’t have time to take a “me day”!
Since I can’t seem to be bothered to do any real work today, here are some photos of the garden from this morning. First, a few daylilies:

Final Touch


Watermelon Moon, still loaded with buds

Next, an overview of the garden:

The new patio is finished!

And some generic garden stuff:

Pond Monster
Gladiolus 'Celebration'

Scabiosa 'Fama'

Thanks for looking!

Author's Note - I did actually do some work today. Really.


Diane said...

Your flowers are just lovely! That patio garden is really special.

Greetings from Ontario.

Sharie said...

Hi, Diane! Thanks so much for visiting. Luckily, I have a hubby who helps me with the photography - I'm a point-and-shoot type. He loves playing with the settings. Between us, we get some good shots.